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Currently taking commissions, e-mail me at for commissions.  Just e-mail me and i'll let you know if i'm available for commissions.

Prices HERE

Simple Rules:

- I wont draw furry (girls with cat ears and tails, stuff like that are OK) and guro.
- First time costumers will have to pay 100% upfront before the sketch, this measure is taken to avoid scammers.
- If you first award me with freedom to do it as I please and the sketch turns out that you didn't like it, changes will cost you extra (depending on what is to be changed).
- If you are not a new costumer, payment will be made in full, when I send you the sketch and you approve of it.  No lineart or coloring will begin until I receive payment.  This is a lesser measurement to avoid scams.
- ***ALL CHANGES AND TWEAKS WILL HAVE TO BE POINTED OUT BEFORE I START DOING THE LINEART.  Once I start doing the lineart everything will stay as negotiated.***
- I have a job, so commissions might take a while to do.
- No hurrying me up.  It will be made, and the less ''stress'' the better it would turn out.
- Lastly don't be a dick, there will be no refunds for people that harass me about hurrying up or fail to communicate their wishes as well as possible.  Please try to have everything you want to have for your commission ready (references, poses, miscellaneous).
- I will post re-sized versions of the commissions on my galleries.

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